“It is my intention to age gracefully – which includes maintaining my ability to hear.  After Dr. Kyman confirmed my hearing loss, we discussed various hearing aids – how they worked as well as how they looked – and I decided on one that goes over the ear instead of in the ear.  The end result has been great!  Nobody else has noticed that I now wear hearing aids, but I have noticed that I no longer have to keep asking my friends and family to repeat what they are saying or turn up the volume on the television set.”  -Susan K.


“Not yet having reached the age of 65, I really wasn’t ready to consider that ringing in my ears might be limiting my hearing so much that it was affecting my interactions with other people.  But, over time, I realized that I was having trouble hearing conversations in restaurants and meetings that others weren’t.  It was becoming more and more embarassing to ask others to repeat things that everyone else had heard- so I just didn’t.  I was alsom issing other sounds- environmental sounds like singing birds and the unmistakable sweet summer evening sound of eastern NC cicadas.  What a joy to be able to hear those sounds again when wearing my hearing aids, even while indoors.  It’s just a little bit like being 10 years old again!” E. Montague


“I visited ENT & Audiology Associates, and about 3 minutes into my first interview, I realized Doc Kyman was truly interested in my well being.  She showed a lot of concern for my salutation, and was able to get a good understanding of my expectations.  Follow up visits were equally supportive and gratifying.  Even a minor repair to one of the hearing aids was handled with the speed and courtesy they advertised and promised.  To date, I am completely satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend ENT & Audiology Associates to my family, friends, and anyone looking for hearing aid related products and service.”  Paul M.

“My interactions with Dr. Lena Kyman have been delightful.  She is very friendly, outgoing and takes time to listen to your needs. The custom fitted earplugs work extremely well because they reduce the outside noise to a manageable level.  Wearing my custom fitted earplugs at night has helped me to sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed.   They also have reduced my headaches when I wear them during the day in public situations. The fitted earplugs are much more comfortable than the standard ones I had been using and block out more of the noise which is very helpful to me.  You can wear the custom earplugs as much as you want without any adverse effects.” Tammy M.


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