Anonymous quotes overheard in our office:

“Why did I wait so long to get these?” –Hearing aid wearer.

“I could hear a rattlesnake but not see it!” –Hearing aid wearer talking about hiking.

“I enjoyed sitting on the front stoop of my house, last night, listening to the tree frogs……very nice!”- Pt emailing the day after being fit with hearing aids.

“All I can see is that I need a haircut.”-  Patient after first looking in the mirror with new hearing aids on.

“I didn’t know that my oven made a sound when it was done preheating!” – Hearing aid wearer.

“I put my ears in by myself now”- 6 year old hearing aid wearer.

“She has the highest reading level in her class now” – Mother of a hearing aid wearer in kindergarten.

“I feel so cool”. –Patient who just got hearing aids that are controlled by their iPhone.

“We have to go in and stand close to make sure he is still breathing” – Parents, after their child who previously snored quite loudly was operated on by Dr. Holmes.

“You have changed my life” –Post-op patient, now headache free.

“Didn’t feel a thing” “Why did I wait so long?” –Patient after an in-office balloon sinuplasty.

“Man, can I move some air” –Post-op patient.

“These things are the best in restaurants and large meeting halls” – Hearing aid patient 6 months after receiving them.

“I can listen to my voicemails during a meeting, and no one even knows!” –Patient talking about his made for iPhone hearing aids.

“I can’t thank Dr. Holmes and team enough for taking care of me so fast…. Thank you!! You have a new consistent patient now!! I really appreciate it!!” -Post op comments from a patient.


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