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Hearing Aid Batteries: Important Information

How long should your hearing aid battery last?  What factors affect battery life?   Call us at (919)-782-9003 to ask about our battery club.  And remember, batteries are toxic if swallowed, so keep them out of reach of pets and … Continue reading

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Debunking Myths About Hearing Aids

Debunking Myths About Hearing Aids This is a great write up by one of the major hearing aid manufacturers: MYTH: Hearing loss only affects the elderly REALITY: There are 48 million people, nearly 1 in 5, over the age of 12 with … Continue reading

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A Musical Odyssey Rock climbing film maker discusses his experience with hearing loss, and music. Truly an inspiring story!

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Actress/Model Jessica-Jane Clement Discusses Her Hearing Loss

Actress/Model Jessics-Jane Clement discusses the process of losing her hearing in one ear, the emotions she felt, and how she determined not to let it hold her back. She currently wears a hearing aid in her right ear.

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Getting your hearing checked is important…

Contact ENT & Audiology Associates at (919) 782-9003 for a hearing evaluation. Share with people you know!

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March 2014 Newsletter: Bluetooth

March 2014 Newsletter: Bluetooth

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