Tinnitus on TV

Are you watching the new season of #HouseOfCards?  One of the main characters is experiencing some major tinnitus.  (Don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything!)  It seems to have started in conjunction with severe head trauma, and increases with stress.  It also seems to be having affects on sleep, focus, ability to do work, and causing severe distress.

This character could probably benefit from seeing an audiologist.  Due to his severe head trauma, it would be wise to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation, and to have a tinnitus evaluation as well.  This could lead to some counseling on tinnitus management strategies, and possibly getting fit with noise masker or hearing aid if needed.  This character is on his cell phone a lot, so he could even get a device that allowed him to stream his phone calls in addition to tinnitus masking noise straight to his ears, wirelessly.

Do you suffer from tinnitus?  Relief is out there.  Call 919-782-9003 today to make an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation, and to develop a customized solution to suit your needs.


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