5 Tips For Dating With A Hearing Loss

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Here is an article from Widex on dating with hearing loss:

5 tips for dating with a hearing loss


Unsure how to tell a new love interest that you have a hearing loss? Nervous about meeting in a noisy restaurant? Self-conscious about your hearing aids?

The dating scene is tough to navigate for anyone – and hearing loss might complicate it further. Luckily, a little planning can go a long way toward giving you confidence on the dating scene. Here are a few tips to consider on your next date.

The Tips

  • Pick the place – Do you know of a cozy little restaurant around the corner? It’s probably a good place to meet. Reserve a table away from the kitchen and loudspeakers so that you can concentrate on what your date has to say. Avoid clubs and other noisy places where you may have trouble hearing.
  • Don’t bluff – Did he just say “I love you” or was it “I love juice”? Pretending that you heard what your date said could have undesirable consequences. Ask him to repeat himself if you didn’t catch what he said.
  • Make eye contact – It’s always nice to gaze into each other’s eyes on a date – and important to do so when you have a hearing loss! Try to encourage your date to look you in the eyes when he speaks so you can catch everything he has to say.
  • Be upfront – Should you tell him in the first email? On the first date? After a few weeks? Deciding when to reveal that you have a hearing loss may be a tough decision, but it’s best that you tell him before he finds out for himself. If you use a remote or often adjust your hearing aids, your date may wonder what you’re doing. It’s never good to look like you have something to hide.
  • Relax – Would you judge a date for wearing glasses? Probably not. Wearing hearing aids shouldn’t be any different. And if you present them with pride, he might even consider them and your assistive listening devices great gadgets.

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