Conversation should’t be a gamble…

If having a conversation feels like you pick up a few letter and have to fill in the blanks, you may be experiencing hearing loss.  Often times, hearing loss is so gradual in onset it isn’t caught right away.  Further, it’s easy to blow off as something you can ‘get by’ with.  Life isn’t about getting by, it’s about living!  Get the most out of your conversations, and increase your quality of life by not missing any more words.  Keep your brain stimulated, and ensure an active future with sharp thinking.  See an audiologist today for your hearing healthcare needs.

Wheel of Fortune


At ENT & Audiology Associates, we have three Doctors of Audiology on staff and an ENT physician.  We are a comprehensive clinic that works together as a team to address your needs.  If you or someone you know could benefit from an evaluation, or just some more information, please call us today.  919-782-9003.


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