10 Tips For Living With Hearing Loss From The We’re All Ears Community

We’re All Ears, a blog by Connect Hearing asked their Facebook community to share their best tips for living with hearing loss.  Read the 10 tips below, and see the full article here.

1. Always face the person who is talking.  -Jean M.

2. Don’t be afraid to tell people you have a hearing loss and to speak slowly and clearly. -Noel W.

3. Listen.  Use your aids.  Smile more.  Worry less.  If you need to know, someone will make sure you know. -John W.

4. Start planning quiet social outings, for example quiet cafes and clubs. -Susan E.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask about options.  I have a great Bluetooth device for TV, which came ‘free’ with my hearing aids.  If your hearing aids are uncomfortable, complain.  Don’t just stop wearing them. -Prudence B.

6. Give yourself time to adapt to your new hearing aids. -Steve K.

7. Be open with everyone.  Tell them that you have a hearing problem.  Do not be ashamed, it is something that is manageable.  If you need to wear hearing aids just accept them as your friend and a part of your life.  I did and couldn’t be happier.  Wear them all the time and you will get use to them a lot quicker.  Good luck. -Carol C.

8. Be patient with yourself. -Cherie V.

9. Inform your family and friends about the best ways they can help you communicate with them, for example by saying your name and touching your arm to gain your face-on attention before talking to you. -Julie D.

10. Try to think of your hearing aids as glasses.  Some people need glasses to help them see better… it’s just the same!  Also don’t feel like you should hide your hearing aids if you don’t want to!   Customize them and make them look nice!  Be confident. -Gaynor M.

Have any more tips to add?  Please comment!


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