Hearing Loss Gives New Appreciation for ears: Regina Brett

This is a great read.

“You don’t think about your hearing until you lose the ability to hear a whisper or follow a conversation or understand the cashier behind a counter who keeps barking at you, “What?””….

“It’s humbling to lose your hearing. At first, you struggle to keep up with conversations. After a while, people give up repeating what they said and just give you the headlines. Or they say, “Never mind. Not important.” I stopped returning phone calls because it was too frustrating. At least in person, you can just nod and pretend to follow along.”….

“I gave thanks for that fragile little membrane in my ear that healed itself, gave thanks that it has allowed me to hear everything from symphonies to lullabies to my husband’s “I love yous” to my grandbabies’ pleas to read them to sleep.  Then I went over to see my grandbabies, to sing and read and savor every sound these precious ears used to take for granted.”

Read the full article here.



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