Guest Blog Post: How Your Hearing Affects Your Mental Health by: Caroline Angell

On a chilly day in Boone, NC, midway through my second semester of college I noticed a few significant changes in my hearing. Since it was a dramatic change from one day to the next, I knew it had to be an issue with my hearing aids. I let it go, thinking I’d adapt to the changes and I would take care of my hearing aids when I was done with the semester. However, I did not realize those slight changes in my hearing aids would have a huge impact on me. I forgot about the changes I noticed in my hearing aids most likely because my brain had adapted to the changes. I found myself having a harder time listening others. I began feeling disconnected in ways because I could not hear things or people around me very clearly. I knew I was just not feeling like myself.
Summer finally rolls around and my hearing aids were tested. They were truly in awful shape. My hearing aids had lost power in the amplification and quality, so no wonder my hearing seemed impacted. After I received my repaired hearing aids, I immediately lit up when I turned them on. To be able to hear clearly again and at a comfortable volume, I could not have been happier. I then realized how much my mental state was affected when I had gone so long with poorly functioning hearing aids. My balance, my attitude, energy, and confidence were all affected. It could be that I am a bit sensitive to changes, but there is no doubt in my mind that it would affect other people’s mental state in some way or another.
This experience has taught me that your hearing truly affects your mental health! I feel so much better now that I can hear well, and everyone deserves to feel that way.
If you notice changes in your hearing aids, get them taken care right away because it is so important that you hear well!
Caroline Angell
Displaying photo.JPGCaroline Angell is a sophomore in college, and a summer intern at our clinic.  She is a long time hearing aid wearer.

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